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I’ve been using TSW webcoder since 2005 as my ‘everyday’ editor for all things code. It is unbloated, quick, has some rather splendid time-saving feature. But until the latest release it could not really be classed as an IDE.

Well I’ve just upgraded to Webcoder 2010 and it now includes a nice PHP debugger as well! The debugger is based on xDebug and has a wizzard for setting up, which actually edits your php.ini file to make the correct entries for xDebug. The debugger looks not quite as powerful if you compare it to Eclipse or Netbeans debugging tools – but nevertheless it is a brilliant addition that brings Webcoder into the catagory of a true PHP IDE.

One of the features I enjoy is that Webcoder projects don’t involve having to ‘import’ source code, and that the project metadata is discretely placed away from the working directory. This means you can start work without creating a project, and only when ‘project capabilities’ are required do you need to make a project for the job. In Eclipse you have to be more organised and work in projects to start with, otherwise you end up with 2 losts of source files. Webcoder is great for quick edits of single files, and ‘project capabilities’ – such as adding intellisense autoproposal for 3rd party libraries – are easily added without any fuss.

With decent PHP, HTML, JS, JQuery and CSS auto proposal/complete, as well as code tidy, realtime local validation and W3C online validator, this is a fully-featured IDE, but performs and feels like a light-weight editor.

Here’s a link to their website.

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