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To get code completion to work you need to add the library to your build path. For example… adding WordPress to your build path.

To be able to see the add_filter and add_action functions in code completion, you can modify the build path to add the WordPress wp-includes directory.

To add the WordPress wp-includes directory to your build path, choose Project > Properties with your PHP project highlighted. On the Libraries tab, click Add External Source Folder, then browse to the wp-includes directory found where you installed WordPress. Click OK when you’re finished. Now you can type add_ into the PHP editor, invoke code completion, and see a list that includes add_action and add_filter.

For code completion of model and view in CakePHP see

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  1. karen

    I tried just what said and the code completion for WP doesn’t work. I created a new project, add the wp_includes folder to the library path in the external source folders. I have all the default stuff, used WAMP and the www directory is the root, so wp_includes is right off the root. I can get the regular php code hinting, but just not WP.

    Any idea?


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