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Pros and Cons of using latest jQuery CDN

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It is not a good idea to use the following CDN jQuery in your live (deployed) sites. This always serves the latest version. If you are using jQuery plugins written by yourself or 3rd party you can find that these plugins break when a new release of jQuery is pushed. This happened to me recently… Read more »

Timthumb and Ajax

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Timthumb is a great tool for cropping/resizing images dynamically at the time the page loads. But what if you want to update the src of an image tag with a new image, for example, in an image carousel? You can use timthumb via an ajax call, but the resulting data is binary so you have… Read more »

Highlighting imagemap borders

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So you have an imagemap and you want to show the border on mouseover – not the image border – the imagemap boarder. To the rescue is a JQuery plugin by a guy called David Lynch. Here’s a working example: Here’s a link to David’s documentation:

Resize iframe

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In the parent frame: In your iframe: Call alterFrameSize() using the body onload() method in your iframe.

Date select javascript widget

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Sorry – this is just a note to self! Have a look at the Event_Ticker in UCB home/files/Event_Ticker – I didn’t use it, but the widget is all working and configured in ticker.php – just uncomment a couple of lines