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Apache SSL – Multiple Certificates on a Single IP

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Setting up multiple SSL Certificates on a single IP address is possible, and acceptable on nearly all browsers, thanks to Server Name Identification (SNI). SNI sends a site visitor the certificate that matches the requested server name – great! No more need to buy extra IP addresses. I set this up on a Ubuntu 12.04… Read more »

Heartbleed bug – Upgrade OpenSSL on Ubuntu 12.04

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The Heartbleed bug found in OpenSSL needs addressing if you are using OpenSSL to generate TLS keys for HTTPS or FTPS in particular. Upgrading OpenSSL on Ubuntu is not just a matter of running ‘apt-get upgrade’ – this does not get the latest patched version. I found the answer was to install the openssl libssl-dev… Read more »

Magento translate renderTotals()

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I had an issue where Magento was not picking up translation of “Free Shipping – Free” on my Checkout page. I got round this by adding a function inside /app/code/core/Mage/Sales/Model/Quote/Address/Total/Shipping.php inside the collect() function:

Foreign key restraints

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Trying to import a Magento table into a database (drop table if exists) I got an error: The way to get round this is to remove the foreign key constraint CHECK, delete the table, then add the check again:

Testing PayPal IPN results

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If you are getting 400 errors back from paypal make sure you add a Host header. It won’t do any harm to add the Connection close header too. Notice the host depends on whether you’re aiming at sandbox or live paypal.

Zend Framework Application.ini Cheat Sheets

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DESPATCH Here’s a link to a PDF detailing despatch process, NOT ZF2.x. APPLICATION.INI STANDARD METHODS

Pros and Cons of using latest jQuery CDN

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It is not a good idea to use the following CDN jQuery in your live (deployed) sites. This always serves the latest version. If you are using jQuery plugins written by yourself or 3rd party you can find that these plugins break when a new release of jQuery is pushed. This happened to me recently… Read more »

Handle mysql_query() error without a variable

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Thought this was a neat way of testing/handling query errors without assigning the result to a variable because you don’t need a variable unless you are using SELECT. mysql_error() returns empty string if there was no error, which evaluates to false, as pointed out by jakub-arnold in this post