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Mark and Jeanette Flint, Cavehill, Belfast 2010I’m from a small town in North West England called Newton-le-Willows but am now¬† living in Belfast Northern Ireland with my wife and two kids and working as a designer-developer for these past 10 years.

In around 2000 I heard a message from a bible teacher called Andrew Wommack that had a profoundly good effect on me. So I took a couple of years out in 2002-2004 to go to Charis Bible College to get to grips with this message of the love and grace of God. This was a big turning point in my life and resulted in my family and I moving to Northern Ireland in 2005 to help with the administration of Charis Bible College, NI.

My other hobbies and interests are Health research, Electronics, and howling along to my guitar.

(Piccy is taken on Cave Hill overlooking Belfast.)