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Shell – change permissions recursively

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To change BOTH file and directory perms recursively: chmod -R 777 To change just files: find . -type f -exec chmod 777 {} \; To change just directories: find . -type d -exec chmod 777 {} \; or this should work too: chmod 644 $(find . -type f) chmod 755 $(find . -type d)

Making a feed from Joomla Category

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Use the following link and just change the category id: index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=1&format=feed&type=rss See this link… there might be a better way in Joomla 1.5.22+ but this works fine. Link

CSS Rounded corners

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This works on Opera, Safari, FF and IE NB: make sure you download the link – don’t try and run it cross domain)

CSS gradients, or graduated tints

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Thanks to this link and this link. Here’s a useful tool for IE when you need rounded corners AND gradient tints

Online resources for Bash commands

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Try these: And the master of all:

WordPress permissions or ownership

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I was recently trying to upload a plugin to WordPress and found that the plugin could not create a directory. The problem was not directory permissions – it was user/group ownership. PHP running as fastCGI is running as user nobody on my VPS. I tried changing directory perms to 777 for wp-content/uploads and wp-content/plugins but… Read more »

Conditional CSS

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If you want conditional CSS to be inside the external CSS file (which is really the best place for it) try From here you can download a PHP class that builds your CSS file, allowing you to use simple conditional statements for blocks or single lines. This is definitely the time saver! Update PHP… Read more »

CSS Definition Lists

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Results: first item definition for first item in list second item definition for second item in list extending across more than one line third item definition for third item in list Here is a good link for styling Definition Lists:

Why use OOP when it takes longer?

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Developing using OOP techniques takes longer in the intial code, but is easier to maintain. In the end it will save you time, produce less ‘buggy’ code, and help you write code that is re-usable.

Good OOP habits

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Great article here